Our research interests are 3D image sensing and visualization using integral imaging.

What is Integral Imaging?

Integral imaging is three-dimensional(3D) image obtaining and visualization method. It can provides 3D image with full-parallax, full color, continious view-point. Integral imaging use only three devices; lenslet-array, image sensor, and display.

Integral imaging

Occlusion removal

In integral imaging method, captured image obtains depth information of object. By using this information, Occlusion removal technique can be performed.

Elemental images
Occlusion removed image

Photon counting

Photon Counting is one of the photography method in darken situation. It obtains picture by counting number of photons. By combining this method and integral imaging, it becomes possible to shoot in place with few light sources. This feature can be applied to image acquisition in darken situation, e.f. night driving.

Input image
Darken image
Photon counted image

3D biological imaging

3D biological imaging is 3D imaging technique for small livings observation. It performed by applying integral imaging and MALT(Moving Array-Lenslet Technique) to the microscopy. This technique can obtain 3D imformation of small cells(>10μm) with high resolution and continuous viewpoint.

Normal Microscopy
3D biological imaging
3D biological imaging system

PERT – Pixel of Elemental images Re-arrangement Technique

PERT is one of the reconstruction method of integral imaging. Considering the position information of each pixel when each elemental image overlaps, reconstruction is performed only by sorting pixels. This technique